“I’m going to tell you God’s honest truth. I think this book will really change how we go about doing things as far as our diet goes. It is full of excellent information. I learned so incredibly much! I finally understand the concept of ‘whole food,’ and I love all the information about cancer fighters and the healthy uses of nutritional yeast.” 

– Paula Chang, Intensive Care Nurse


“When I was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer, my wife and I were in complete and utter shock. Thankfully, we knew Pamela was involved in caring for people in our community and was praised for her talents not only as an excellent nurse but also for her knowledge of healthy eating for healing. I believe the dramatic changes in my diet and my faith helped me get where I am today – Happy, healthy, and cancer-free – for nearly seven years now.” 

– Ralph Knapp, President, Action Paving


“Wow! The information about the Blue Zones and the supercentennials fascinated me. I felt that I was doing everything I could to avoid salt, but your book helped me see there was even more I could do. Once I began following some of your recommendations, I was able to lower my blood pressure medication.” 

– Cheryl Callahan, Information Technology Specialist.

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