How This Plant Based Diet Handbook Can Help You

The primary purpose of this plant-based done right book is to eliminate confusion about healthy eating and to show you how to take control of your own health to achieve the highest level of wellness and happiness. Why do I feel a need to eliminate confusion?

Many times over the years, my attempts to provide evidence-based nutrition information have been met by pushback from those who get their knowledge from the Internet, TV ads, heath magazines, and other popular sources. Even hospital-provided teaching material and medical associations have caused confusion. While working in the hospital, many well-informed patients have asked me why their doctors advise them to eat one thing while nutritionists advise them to eat another. As a nurse, I have often shared my patients’ frustration with this information disconnect over the years.

how this plant based done right book can help you

The truth is that the nutritional science research community, the food industry, the government, and educational institutions frequently put out conflicting information. But over the course of my own nutrition research, the incredibly informative nutrition conferences I have attended have provided clarity on key nutrition questions. The conferences led me to discover the work of a dedicated group of scientists who have been directly involved for many decades in nutritional scientific research studies. These scientists have not only been at the root of the discovery and development of nutritional data. They also support a whole food plant-based diet, primarily from organic or naturally grown sources rather than from synthetic or genetically modified sources.

How Will You Benefit From Reading This Book?

Much of this book is based on their mutually accepted research. Eat Grass, Kick-Ass seeks to clear up your own nutrition confusion and lead you on a path to healthy eating. Let’s explore these four steps:

  • The first part of the book strives to help you decipher the facts from the Internet world of nutrition confusion by presenting scientific evidence-based information that will help you understand why a whole food plant-based diet is critical to helping you be healthy.
  • The second part examines why there is so much nutrition confusion. This part will also Analyze which medical professionals are at the top in plant-based diet research, providing you information about their research and where to find more.
  • The third part looks at the impact of a WFPBD on specific populations. This population include pregnant women, children, and those with conditions including, but not limited to cancer, celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, and allergies.
  • The fourth part provides you with tasty meal alternatives. Additionally, you will be able to create plant-based substitutes for the foods that you and your family currently eating.
  • Lastly, there are recipes to help you start your new eating habits and a whole new way of life.

Pay special attention to, and explore the videos and websites referenced in this book. This is a treasure trove full of valuable information that will open your eyes in ways you never imagined.

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