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The healthiest diet on earth! Gain access to the truth about health and nutrition from sources you can trust.
Great news! You don’t have to live on salads!

There are plenty of replacement options for the food you and your family currently enjoy.
This book contains
hundreds of amazing substitution ingredients and recipes to get your started.

This is your resource guide connecting you to the most trusted sources in the world of the Whole Food, Plant Based Diet


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 Eat Grass, Kick Ass, Plant Based Diet Book


Whole Food Plant-Based Done Right Paperback Book –

Whole Food Plant-Based Done Right Paperback Book For Sale
Eat Grass, Kick Ass, Plant-Based Done Right Paperback Book

Looking for the top selling Whole Food Plant-Based Done Right Paperback Book? Not what your looking for? Check our our new, product and Order your EBook today and explore the best Whole Food Plant – Based Diet Cookbook and Recipes. What is a plant-based diet?


Top Selling Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Book

Since you are here, you are most likely looking for a top selling Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Book you can trust.
Rest assured, you have found it and you can order either your Paperback Copy or your EBook book today!

With Eat Grass, Kick Ass, Plant Based Done Right, you will be introduced to the experts you can trust who with the most accurate time-tested truth about the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet. Get your copy of the best Guide and Cookbook with Recipes today.

Why Our Top Selling Plant Based Products?

While practicing as a nurse all over the country in various settings from intensive care, to emergency care, to home health and hospice, there were many learning experiences including witnessing the serious damage food can cause inside and outside of the human body. Over time, I developed a strong belief that “food is thy medicine,” and as a result, a passion for helping people establish healthy eating habits in order to extend and improve their lives.

Guiding Patients On Their Health Journey

I found it very challenging to guide patients on their health journeys with the plethora of misinformation found on the internet and other media sources. Most material on healthy eating is outdated, and most scientific studies are too difficult for the average nonmedical person to access, navigate, and understand.

Cardiac and Diabetic Patients Benefit

While working with cardiac and diabetic patients, the effects of bad food choices and the resulting damage to their bodies was very obvious.

Key Eating Habits to Reversing Disease

On the other hand, while working with people in cultures well known for being the healthiest, most functional, and longest-living, it was very clear that their eating habits were the key to reversing disease.

There are many people with questions about how to incorporate it into their lives. As my work continued on this book, I realized that I was writing it for all people, not just those with special conditions.

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2 reviews for Top Selling Whole Food Plant-Based Paperback Book – Eat Grass, Kick Ass

  1. HeathyNutsForever22

    “I was searching for the a great book on the whole food plant based diet to help improve mine and my family’s health and fitness. I found this one and I am sure glad I did. Eat Grass, Kick Ass was so good I had to get a copy for others too. It has changed our lives in some amazing ways!!”

  2. Carolina DuPont (verified owner)

    This book is Fabulous! Easy to read and apply! I love reading the personal stories that have benefited the most from going plant based! My husband and I first started wondering about a plant based diet when we watched Gamechangers. It was incredibly convincing and we started removing meat from our weekly diet after that. I slowly started to notice I was shedding some unwanted weight and I noticed less inflammation in my body. I naturally started to wonder about a plant based diet, but had no idea how to go about it- and then your book came out! This book is so comprehensive! I am learning so much about supplementation and substitutions. My goal is to get my husband off of his cholesterol medication… going plant based is a much slower dive for him and my family as we have been big meat eaters for so long, but I have seen definitive benefits in myself! I have noticed much less pain to no pain in my joints, little to no inflammation in my body, increased energy, and shedding of unwanted weight. Everything in this book makes so much sense.
    Thank you for taking the time to put all of your expertise and research together here! I recommend this book to everyone I know!

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