Top Selling Whole Food Plant-Based Diet eBook for Sale Online


Top Selling Plant-Based Diet ebook for Sale

If your looking for the best, top selling resource for a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet, you have found it.  This ebook is loaded with information you can trust to guide you on your journey to health and happiness.

Eat Grass Kick Ass

This is your resource guide to health and happiness! For those who don’t already have a good understanding of what a Plant-Based Diet is click here.

On sale for the holidays $9.99


The healthiest diet on earth! Gain access to the truth about health and nutrition from sources you can trust. The great news is, you don’t have to live on salads!

There are plenty of replacement options for the food you and your family currently enjoy. This book contains hundreds of amazing substitution ingredients and recipes to get your started.

This is your resource guide connecting you to the most trusted sources in the world of the Whole Food, Plant Based Diet.

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Top Selling Plant-Based Diet E Book for Sale OnlineInspired and approved by Internationally recognized and respected speaker and founding member of the American College of lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Michael Greger. Author and Professional Public Speaker

“Every year I read through every issue of every English-language nutrition journal in the world so busy folks like you don’t have to.” – Dr. Michael Greger


1 review for Top Selling Whole Food Plant-Based Diet eBook for Sale Online

  1. PlantBasedDiet101

    Amazing book on the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet! It a MUST have! I feel better every day as I learn to replace more and more unhealthy food in our diet. I love the substitution lists. It is amazing how many options there are to replace sugar, oil, salt, and butter. I have never seen or imagined anything like this. The substitution lists alone are worth the purchase.

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